Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emergency First Aid Kits for Dog Owners

From Dan Campeau of Suddanly Swissies

I had wrote to one of my puppy buyers.

For future,

When you can I would order a stomach tube from KV vet supply catalog, order a
couple vet wraps (to put in dogs mouth so they do not bite into tube while
running it down there esophagus)

When you get stomach tube, have your vet or me show you how to use it in case
of emergency, will usually take two people to do it.

I would have a small emergency box that goes with the dogs on trips or have on
hand at the house. I would have stomach tub, vet wrap, hemostats, liquid
novacaine and stitch materials ( can order from vet supply catalog) , I also
usually have a couple of boxes of pepto bismol tablets, and Gas ex (simethicone
tabs) and a bottle of Benadryl in case of snake bites or insects stings.

Snake bites/insect bites- Best thing is to catch it early if possible.. give
benedyrl ASAP (continue every 6-8 hours for first 2-3 days post bite) and then
put them on antibiotics (get at vet visit within 24 to 48 hours) so that poison
that will cause tissue damage will not set up systemic infections.

On stomach issues- If you see them acting distressed, antsy, biting at their
sides, sitting hunched up in pain or eating grass or licking carpet or
furniture materials. Give two tabs of Simethicone and then give two tabs of
Pepto, if they are not better in 15-30 minutes take them to vets. Give both
meds every 4-6 hours until they are acting normally, put on bland diet for a
couple days. If the dog really gets distended, pass stomach tube and get
meds down them, put them in a quiet place, if they fill right back up with
gas or you cannot pass the stomach tube down their throat to alleviate gas
build up,rush her to the vets,Vet can try stomach tube and a trocar (large
quage needle) thru their side to alleviate gas, if stomach is torsed on
ex-ray, you will need to go in and remove spleen, and tack stomach...

NOTE- it is a waste of time to tack stomach without removing spleen, most
times in swissys it is the enlarged spleen that causes the stomach to torse and
if you have to do surgery anyway, I would remove spleen because that way you
know that all normal causes of torsion will be gone.

IF you leave spleen in, usually before end of dogs life, it will enlarge
sometime, and tear the stomach tack and you will have to go in for a second

*On stomach issues, I would look at diet because many times if you are feeding
a diet that has corn, wheat, soy or milk products your dog may have a food
sensitivity that may be causing the upsets in the first place.