Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doxycycline and sensitive stomachs in Swissys

This is an email from Maria Jensen, TreeandSea Swissys (by permission)
Dear Group,

I have been using Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg tablets at the rate of two tablets twice a day for a dog weighing between 100-125 pounds. He is severely affected with LPE (lymphacytic-phagocytic-enterogastritis, a severe disease of the lymphatic system manifested in excessive bowel movements and inability to maintain a healthy weight). The dog in question gained 20 pounds after being put on this regiment. He also gets Budesonide, which is a compounded antibiotic in capsular form, every other day. Without this help, this poor dog is a basket case. Anyway, I know that doxy. is also used to treat Lyme disease, but did you know that if you have a Swissy that has a sensitive digestive system, it may work for them, too (e.g. trouble absorbing their food translated to loose stools/failure to gain weight).

I have a mother/daughter pair that have a slight intestinal bowel disease. But, they have a hard time maintaining weight and chronic loose stools. I recently stopped adding Nature's Farmacy digestive enzymes with probiotics to their diet (since I didn't see any point with no obvious signs of actually helping either one of them digest anything better).

I started using the doxycycline hyclate at a rate of two 100 mg tablets/twice a day, and the results are borderline miraculous. I hope this continues to be the story after several weeks, but so far, it's the best I've ever seen these two doing. Their stools are solid and fewer. . .

The one dog that was diagnosed and prescribed is on doxy. for life. And, just like people who deal with Crohn's disease, a low dose of antibiotics for life seems to be the norm.

Doxycycline Hyclate is the same drug used in Bird Biotic, manufactured by Thomas Labs. in Arizona. If you can't get your vet. to help you out with a prescription, this may be an option at least to try it and see if it works for your particular dog. But, you need to rule out parasites, overfeeding, coprophagia, diet, etc., before you consider this as a possibility. I buy Doxycycline Hyclate as a prescription for 500 tablets of 100 mg from www.KVsupply.com. It costs me around $35.00 a bottle. But, I believe that www.valleyvet.com may also carry it, too.


P.S. I do not have any medical training. I am just going by what has been previously prescribed by my internal specialist whom I consulted in the past for a Swissy with IBD and my current Swissy with LPE. But, Swissies tend to have sensitive stomachs IMO at least as compared to my Mastiffs who live alongside them. . .