Monday, January 24, 2011

The Danger of Eating Raisins

This is from puppy family of mine...
Hi Colleen,

I know you have an article on your blog about raisins/grapes--might be good to stress this relatively new pheno with your puppy families!!!

Sol captured a cannister of raisins after a guest left them on the counter. I came home from work and the two of them had devoured the entire cannister. After some quick web research, I huddled them through a near blizzard to the animal emergency (one hour away), where they were forced to throw up and poop (all raisins accounted for). However 3 days, constant IV, kidney flushing, constant monitoring, urine check, continued blood work, and poison consults (not to mention $6000--thank god for pet insurance), I am happy to report that they will be picked up this morning. It looks (fingers crossed) as though there is no residual damage. . . .we will have a checkup on urine and blood in a week.

This might have been a tragedy of major proportions! But on other fronts, they are doing really well. I went to visit and they had charmed everyone at the hospital--fights were nearly breaking out over who would walk them --with all the fluids there were alot of walks (just kidding).

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